Give glory to God, who places his people in pleasant spaces, by streams of living water, in cool shades, in fertile land, the Lord who cultivates in his saints a confident trust and a hope for a lasting home! Praise him for leading us out of bondage and into freedom! Praise him for releasing us from the ravages of sin into the wide space of his grace! To him be glory and power and dominion and honor forever and ever!

Just reached the number of 2,100 friends on Facebook. Now watch Google+ (my profile: overtake FB and all that effort go to waste. Well, maybe not.

• Speaking of social media, tell me what, if anything, this verse has to say about it. (So maybe Facebook is in the Bible?) “The shrewd person conceals knowledge, but foolish people publicize folly” (Psa 12:23 NET). Continue reading

THE police stopped me this morning on the way in to the office. An officer took my car documents and driver’s licence, then went and checked them on some sort of list his partner was holding. Walked around the car, took his easy time, but finally returned my documents and waved me off. First time in a long time to happen.

• Got my editorial up today on FMag. It’s a pourypot. Er, potpourri. Hodgepodge. There. I mean, here.

• Late on getting out my January GoSpeak report. Soon.

• There’s not a single major updated Portuguese Bible version not clamped down by copyright restrictions. These guys are giving it a shot, with BíbliaLivre, but it’s still a work in progress, retains the old thee/thou type language, and relies on the Textus Receptus, an inferior textual base. I’m wanting a New Testament text to publish with some notes, but the right version just ain’t out there. Continue reading