I took an old hymn, “As the Sun Doth Daily Rise,” and revised it. I couldn’t find a video or audio without instruments, so you can do your own search. Do you prefer the original, or the revised version? Do you see where it might be improved?

When the sun begins to rise,
Brightening all the morning skies,
So to you with one accord
Hearts and voices lift, O Lord.

Day by day provide us food,
For from you come all things good;
Strength for life and limbs afford
From your living bread, O Lord.

Be our guard in sin and strife;
Be the Leader of our life;
Lest from you we stray abroad,
Stay our wayward feet, O Lord.

Living by the Spirit’s grace,
All your holy will to trace
While we daily search your Word,
Truest light impart, O Lord.

Praise to God who knows no limit,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
We, your saints, with one accord
Praise your holy name, O Lord.

O Being of all beings, Fountain of all light and glory, gracious Father of man and Angels, whose universal Spirit is everywhere present, giving life, and light, and joy, to all Angels in Heaven, and all creatures upon earth, be praised among your people!

—Based on Wm. Law, A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, 173.

To God, Almighty, Ever-Present, Always-Working, Never-Sleeping, the God who Was, and Is, and Ever will be, from First to Last, on High above angels, and Low among men, the only living and true God, who is goodness and severity, love and justice, power and lovingkindness, to him be glory and praise and honor, now and forever, amen!

God is simple. A child can know him, but the wisest are confounded by his counsel.

God is able. None can stand against his power, but the lowest can know his might.

God is light. Darkness flees at his presence, and man is blinded by his effulgence.

God is love. He is ever willing to save, and his desire to to draw everyone to himself.

Praise God for who HE-IS.

As many drops in the ocean, as many leaves on all the trees, as many words ever spoken by man, as many stars that shine in the heavens, so are there ways to praise God and give him glory for all his good works. He is the faithful God, the God steadfast in his eternal purpose, the God who is never distracted, never forgetful, never changing in his gracious plan to save and usher us up to heaven with himself.

To God be glory among his saints, who speak and live and act in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, as they seek to exalt Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Be glorified in us, O Lord, be blessed by the nations, by the myriads of angels, by the living creatures on earth, in the sea and in the air, by creation itself, in a single, unified song of praise! Glory to him who is holy, holy, holy!

Glory to God who gives us a tongue that never tires of praising his greatness! Praise him who always gives motive to sing about his power and compassion! Exalt him in the highest and join with the vales and hills who vibrate with his sound! Bless the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom is all the blessing of the Sovereign!

Praise God in every assembly of the saints, in every moment, at morning and evening, in trials and festivities, in victory and defeat, when sowing and reaping, when in the way and in our homes! Blessed be the Lord who is present at all times and who reigns above and below, who changes not, the eternal, invisible, supernal King and Creator! He is Spirit, he is holy, he is God!