Timidity is infectious. Many a church would be stronger if it were weeded out–just as Gideon’s army was. Its weakness lies in its great numbers, not because numbers necessarily weaken–but because there are so many half-hearted people on the church roll. They have lost their interest, if they ever had any, and are indifferent, without thorough consecration. They add no strength–but only hinder the other members and dampen their zeal. —J.R. Miller

It is true, to a great extent, that great numbers weakens the church, because weak people are in the numbers. More can and ought to be said about helping the timid and fearful in those numbers to come to faith, but when sought outside of the will of God, the desire to have greater numbers weakens the church and undermines its mission and health. Continue reading

* My flight departs Sunday night, arriving in Nashville Monday morning, Lord willing. You’ll see less of me on the Internet since we will be traveling extensively.

* The Firstborn celebrates his birthday today. He’s now a -niner. God bless him to serve powerfully.

* Having written two devotionals recently on power, this line caught my eye: “The reward of power is not for the timid.” How true! Continue reading