by J. Randal Matheny

Old age is a bummer, they say,
With dentures, bifocals, toupee;
Hair grows in the nose,
In the ears, on the toes;
But up on the pate it won’t stay.

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For some reason, a series of limericks on aging appeared in my poetry file over the last week. So I’ll post them here over the next few days. I started to find a picture of a bald head somewhere on the web, but with the present subtitle above by Dave Eggers,“The words are enough, if the words are good,” I decided against that. Continue reading

Metal fanby J. Randal Matheny

We sleep to the noise of a fan,
The bird’s song is under the ban,
Instead of the rain,
The drone of a plane —
Behold! the solutions of man!

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Our ceiling fan in the bedroom is on the blink. Most table fans sold here are plastic and last for two minutes. Vicki traipsed to Sam’s Club and found a large metal fan, industrial strength, and brought it home. Continue reading

This post explains the background behind the Cloudburst poem “The Lord Completely Satisfies.” So where can you read it? You can’t — see the explanation here. This post is for subscribers to the email list (see link).

Field of wheat

Often are the times when I don’t get what I want. Some of those times are easy to handle; it makes no big difference. The padaria doesn’t have the chocolate sweets I went for. Disappointment, but no big deal.

Other times would generate frustration and resentment, if I were to let it, especially in relationship.

In the struggle of one of those latter moments I wrote this poem.

You know when they happen in your life. You want to blame somebody, maybe even God.

But the problem is not in anyone but self.

Because the Lord completely satisfies. Continue reading