Open Space

and I shall walk in a wide place,
for I have sought your precepts. Psa 119.45

Wide, open space to move and breathe,
Of which the ancients wrote, they prayed
To walk in freedom, sure of their step,
Their progress certain, confident saints
Who knew God’s blessing and presence.

In crowded cities, with busy agendas,
Little do we know of openness,
Of time to reflect, with deeper thoughts;
Schedules tight around our throats—
O Lord, broaden our path of life.

Secure in Christ

No matter the emotion, truth remains:
Secure in Christ, over us he reigns,
And underneath the fleeting joys
Lies hope in the Cross no power destroys.

When fall the tears of the breaking heart,
No pain can tear the truth apart,
That God in heaven guards my soul,
Protects my future safe and whole.

Simple and Sound

To teach ten thousand times the truth —
Simple and sound — is never a burden.
No word is wonderful like the gospel,
That offer of pardon under the Cross.

What freedom of speech, afraid of none,
Assured of God’s protecting hand!
Have you an ear to hear the news?
Come know the Lord, our God of love!

The Lord

The Lord is good — a fortress, indeed,
For those in distress, for times of need;
The Lord protects the small and weak,
Who come for refuge, who knock and seek.

The Lord shows mercy — he hears the pleas
Of the poor, all human suffering sees,
He welcomes the humble, breaks the proud,
Gives hope to those whose necks are bowed.

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For Faith No Friday’s Black

For faith no Friday’s black,
There is no spiritual hack,
No shortcut or painless way,
No easier price to pay —
For life, prepare to lose:
To die on a Cross we choose.


Live by the Spirit

Galatians 5.14-26

A single command sums up the entire law:
Love neighbor with love for self, his burdens bear;
But if among yourselves you bite and claw,
By one another you’ll be consumed — beware!

Live by the Spirit, not the flesh’s desire,
For these to the holy God are ever opposed;
Be led by him, and live both better and higher,
Open to good, to carnal practices closed.

A Greater Time Change

Very soon our time is going to change,
A greater change than a human’s hourly shift;
No longer will we follow the standard time:
The minute’s sweep to eternity will be swift;
From hours and days the starkness may seem strange:
Darkened hell for those who refuse the gift,
And humble seekers lifted to light sublime.

What Lies Above

Live well this shortened life; there’ll be no other!
Discover whence comes love’s deep wellspring;
Take stock of all you say and do — be sure
You focus on the most important thing:
What lies above, the good that will endure
Beyond this earth, eternal blessings that bring
A person into the presence of God the Father.


Life Upward

    Proverbs 15.24

The path of life goes upward for the wise,
He eschews the way of evil, sin, and lies;
Where Jesus is, he seeks the things above,
For pure intent, for loyalty and love.

This path will keep the wise from going down
To death’s dark place, where men in sorrow drown;
His sight is always fixed on heaven’s heights,
The goal of faith, and source of angels’ flights.

The way where Jesus went to prepare a place,
Makes living here on earth a joy—the space
Between this earth and heaven the Lord made short:
We walk already in God’s celestial court.