In the same way that the Lord chose Abraham, Moses, Joshua and Caleb, Gideon, Samson, David, and Esther, He chooses you. I do not know what He wants to do through you, but if you are ready for things you never dreamed of, He will take you and astound you.

via God’s Unlikely Choices Against Insurmountable Odds | The Bible Meditator.

I’ve been doing this reading schedule for the New Testament this year, a slow, easy read. But I’ve missed the Old Testament and am feeling the need to dive into it again. So I decided to do a 90-day read on the OT using this schedule.

In other words, I’m continuing my NT plan and the Daily Bible devotionals that are based on it. I’m adding the OT portion for 90 days.

I’m going to start Sept. 15. Anybody game to join me, either the OT reading by itself or, if you don’t have a plan at all, the whole Bible?

I may post an item a day, maybe, no promises, from the readings, on my blog. You’re free to comment on them as we go.

Always good to have a group to encourage one another. Good, also, to make public your spiritual intentions, so you can’t weasel out.

But by now you’ve probably made a long, strong list of excuses as to why you can’t. Reexamine those. Really?

Pop me an email, or through the Ask page, or with a comment below.