From Tuesday through today, I was out of pocket. On purpose. No Internet (lan house, once), no phone (called home from a payphone, how 20th century is that?), no car, no contact with known humans.

One of my objectives was to unthink. I sometimes kid myself that I think too much. My mind works overtime. I seldom put it in neutral. So part of my time was to walk, walk, walk, lose myself in a city of umpteen million people, and disengage.

And as paradoxical as it may sound, I went to get away from people. (I’m an introvert, get peopled out after a while.) Some go into a wilderness; I find it easy to become anonymous in the city.

In three days I had one conversation that lasted more than two minutes. That was this morning, with the owner of a franchised bookstore, where I asked about a new Bible version in Portuguese. It was early in the day, little activity in his store, and we talked for more than an hour. Continue reading