What Day, What Hour?

“Now is the day of salvation” 2 Cor 6.2

What day is not a day to be saved?
What hour cannot the time be right?
And when can God’s demands be waived?
Is darkness ever better than light?

What lame excuse is worth the soul?
What passions are we willing to rule?
When Jesus opens judgment’s scroll,
Will we be glad we played the fool?

Will we despise the cleansing blood,
Raise Christ again upon the cross?
If we refuse the Savior as Lord,
Rejection means eternal loss.

The first, deciding step is small!
How easy his yoke, how light his load!
How deep his peace, and sweet his call!
What joy to walk on the Lord’s strait road!

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When I Obeyed

When I obeyed the Lord’s command,
God’s saving mercy flowed;
I plunged into Christ, the old man drowned,
God took my sinful load.

To self and the world, immersed, I died,
For God I began to live;
He saved me, every need supplied,
The Spirit’s power to give.

If God said right now …

… people want very much to hear from God until they actually do. In other words, if God said right now, “Andy, I need you in the slums of Detroit by the morning.” and I saw the fire leaving my home and headed towards Detroit, would I follow? Is certainty really preferred to ambiguity? Are we comfortable in our ignorance? How crazy would it be if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt where you were supposed to go?
—Andy Burns, #58/366 – Numbers 8-10 – Thinking on These Things.

I shared the first line also on QBT.

This thought is significant for several reasons. Continue reading “If God said right now …”

I choose

On what basis can I ask for God’s help? Does some condition exist, before I can go to him to request help?

May your hand help me,
for I choose to obey your precepts.
Psalm 119.173 NET

“I choose.” The decision is individual. In the end, it doesn’t matter what others do. I hope they’ll also choose to obey God’s precepts. But their decision doesn’t determine mine. Mine has been made and won’t change. Continue reading “I choose”

I’m in a hurry

We hurry to leave the job in order to take advantage of our personal time, to enjoy holidays and vacations, and to rest on the weekend.

We hurry to take advantage of sales in the stores, to avoid heavy traffic in rush hour, to carry out the trash when we hear the truck arriving. Continue reading “I’m in a hurry”