In Luke 17, our scheduled reading today, I noted another departure of the Brazilian version, Nova Versão Internacional, from the American NIV which inspired it. Jesus told the Pharisees that “the kingdom of God is among you” or “in your midst.” So the NVI. But it can also legitimately be translated, “within you,” as the NIV does. The NVI doesn’t follow the NIV at this point.

The difference between the two provides more evidence that the Brazilian adaptation does not slavishly follow the English version. In fact, the NVI seems to favor the rendering that most of the major English versions do (see list below), since only the NIV and the NKJV render it with the idea of the kingdom being “within.” The NET Bible’s explanation for its choice is that Jesus would not say such a thing to the Pharisees, who rejected the kingdom.

Noteworthy that the 2011 update to the NIV prefers “in your midst.” But it was the previous edition that Brazilian translators used for their consultation. Continue reading