A tiny little Easter egg across my table rolled,
I caught it at the very edge, in foil of green and gold;

It thought that it could flee my grasp and give my eyes the slip,
But no! I scooped it up and quickly gave it to my lip.

The creamy choc’late hid a bit of nut that made a crunch,
And two of these were my reward for eating greens at lunch!

Anonymous selfie
Anonymous selfie posted on the Internet

Malodorous sign, unhappy blend
Of man and machine, the friendless friend
Where face and frown are all that’s seen,
The outward show of primp and preen,
Perspective never beyond an arm,
The closer click of vanity’s harm;
The polished mirror the ancients prized
Gives way to pixels undisguised.


I say to you — of water and Spirit
You must be born — of yours no merit.
The way is strait, and few there be
That find the gate to the living tree.
I say again — verily, verily —
You must be saved — narrowly, narrowly!


Day 1 of the National Poetry Writing Month

The world unfolds, a leaf writ large,
A birth of space for eyes to behold,
Its tender shoots of infant green,
In timely growth, from room to room,
An opening, spreading splash of tones,
Invitation to touch and feel,
Become and, in becoming, live.