I’ve nothing to say, a denier of good,
My lips are still: no lie, no truth,
But falsehood of silence, this failed tongue;
Confession of Christ is faith alive,
The Word proclaimed, the Way affirmed,
But dare I face the danger of man?
My fear refuses to speak of freedom.

What might I do or say
For you to feel the weight
Of sin and and throw away
Your pride, to fall at the feet
Of Christ? We’re sinners all,
But some have yet to admit
They’re actors in the Fall,
No better by even a whit.
Takes courage to own our fault,
And make the change to repent —
To sin put a permanent halt,
Make good one’s high intent.
For you was Christ portrayed
As crucified and risen,
We pray and work to persuade
For you to leave your prison.


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Well, now — the Lord he’s been a long time a comin’, it seems,
I say — I been a seein’ him approachin’ in my dreams,
His glory’s growin’ brighter night by night,
He’s mighty loud, and gives me quite a fright,
All around — are marchin’ beasts and flyin’ cherubim, hmm,
His robes — a flappin’ in the wind, it’s him, oh, him! Continue reading

Based on 1 Peter 3.10-12

Would you love life and see good days?
Then watch your tongue, use well your phrase,
Turn from all evil, ever do good,
Seek peace, pursue it as you should,
God sees the righteous, gives them grace,
Against the wicked he sets his face.