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The WHO cancer report concluded, “No amount of alcohol is safe when it comes to cancer risk.”

The more alcohol one drinks, the more at risk the person is to develop cancer, according to the WHO cancer report. Alcohol’s few positive effects are far outweighed by its negatives and there is no such thing as safe drinking.

A 2010 study by Britain’s Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs reported alcohol was the most harmful drug on the planet, even worse than crack or heroin.

morality“I am the Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world and the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S.,” boasts Mr. Michael Hyatt on his website.

One wonders, then, why he chose to recommend a page on his Twitter account full of immorality and profanity. In his tweet, he found it “Hilarious!” Continue reading

On the church-of-Christ email group, somebody noted that Gov. Rick Perry signed a statute to protect students’ religious rights. I wrote this below after reading about it.

I don’t know whether to see this positively or not. It’s existence testifies to the sorry state of the US where religious values have to be fought for and legislated over rather than generally accepted. It signals, I suppose, a battle victory on the one hand, but may represent a losing war as the richest country in the world, in that period of its richest material gains, turns its back on those principles which brought it to power. I’m no prophet nor son of a prophet, and perhaps there will be a widespread “restoration of 50s values,” as some groups hope, but as world powers go, it’s said that the US has overstayed its allotted time at the head of the list.

However a country may wind its way through the mysterious mazes of the world, be it our own or on the far side of globe, the family of God holds its course as the Sovereign’s obedient, holy, and busy people to do his will for his pleasure and preach the gospel of eternal salvation to nations which have always needed it, regardless of peace or war, liberty or slavery, prosperity or want.

What a blessed hope to be counted as citizens of a heavenly nation, where every law is just, every citizen equal, every responsibility fair, and every privilege but the pointer to the perfect state we shall enjoy forever before the glorious throne of our Creator and Savior.