The explanation is simple. Last Thursday we arrived from Alabama at my mother-in-law’s house, where there’s no internet access. In the past, I’ve gone into town and used the wifi at the congregation’s offices (which I am doing now). During this visit, however, I chose not to do so, even though we had some updates that needed to be done, after moving our sites to a new hosting service. Continue reading

This is the report for November, 2010, about our work in Brazil. I returned from the U.S. to Brazil in mid-November, after a two-month fundraising trip.

PEOPLE ARE ASKING: “Was your trip to the U.S. successful?” Answer: I don’t know yet. One or two churches have sent one-time amounts. A couple have declined our invitation. Others are still deliberating. In a few months we should have an idea if support from congregations and individuals will be sufficient for our needs. Our present support continues through June, 2010. Continue reading

This is a BZM missions report, plus.


Our daughter Leila and her friend, Amanda, (above) returned from camp on Saturday, and Vicki and I went to pick them up in Sao Paulo. The bus got stuck at camp and delayed two hours, so it was 4:30 p.m. when we got home. Vicki missed the ladies’ meeting in Taubate.

At camp Amanda had asked for a Bible study in preparation for baptism. We counseled caution when Leila called for advice, because sometimes young people are baptized at camp in the emotion of the experience there. Vicki and Leila hope to study further with her. Continue reading