The September report is now available, and I’m including here the PDF format, some of it dealing with my presence in the U.S. now for fund-raising. But for a teaser this item of interest from the report:

HELP FROM BRAZIL. My last Sunday in Brazil, after a men’s meeting, I was asked to leave and then called back to the meeting. They informed me that the SJCampos church would provide about $1600 to help my travel expenses in the U.S. When I mentioned that they didn’t need to do that, one of them held up his hand and said, “We called you in here to make an announcement, not have a discussion.” The Taubaté church also gave me about $600 as well.

One thing I didn’t include in the report … Continue reading

brazil-mapA BZM report on visits, illness, travels, rains, generosity and devotional podcasting.

A couple of weeks ago we got a phone call from a sister in Christ from the northeast. Leda participates with the church in Bonoco, in the city of Salvador. She was here in SJCampos to visit friends before going on to Rio de Janeiro for a business conference. She took out time to go with us to a Mexican restaurant here. The waiter took a photo of all of us, which I posted on our Christian social network HERE. Continue reading

This is a BZM missions report, plus.


Our daughter Leila and her friend, Amanda, (above) returned from camp on Saturday, and Vicki and I went to pick them up in Sao Paulo. The bus got stuck at camp and delayed two hours, so it was 4:30 p.m. when we got home. Vicki missed the ladies’ meeting in Taubate.

At camp Amanda had asked for a Bible study in preparation for baptism. We counseled caution when Leila called for advice, because sometimes young people are baptized at camp in the emotion of the experience there. Vicki and Leila hope to study further with her. Continue reading

I don’t remember much about last week, since the weekend was a non-stop ride.

Friday afternoon Abner, a young Christian from Belo Horizonte, caught the bus in Sao Paulo to visit us. He and his family were in the capital for his dad Baltazar’s speaking engagement at the Jardim das Flores church on marriage. Continue reading