church mission

by J. Randal Matheny © 2011

No labor’s lost when Kingdom work is done,
Ere comes the night, to finish what He’d begun.
What joy to know that naught will come to waste!
Such light gives purpose to a servant’s haste.
Though at the end a work of straw be burned,
At judgment day no earnest worker’s spurned.
To hands, then, to hands! with faith and zeal,
God’s promise give your courage steel.


This poem hearkens back to an olde style, with terms like “ere” and “naught,” especially, as well as the the double use of the subjunctive in lines 5 and 8, and the standard pentameter and close rhyme.

The truths keep God’s worker at the task, otherwise, what a useless drudgery would be the mission of the Realm.

These folk know where it’s at. I like their description.

* Limited to God’s Work: We believe there are all kinds of good causes in the world today. However, the church’s mission is not to be spread thin accomplishing every good and noble cause. Rather, God has established the church to glorify Him and uphold the truth so people may be set free. We must not be distracted by other things (cf. Luke 10:41-42). Therefore, we do not get involved in politics, social welfare, recreation, entertainment, secular education, etc. Just as organizations like the American Cancer Society or the American Diabetes Association understand that they cannot accomplish their mission if they divide their efforts and resources to accomplish someone else’s mission, we recognize that we will never be able to give glory to God or uphold the truth properly if we strive to divide our efforts and resources to accomplish other missions. While we encourage and teach our members as individuals to be engaged in all manner of good deeds, we reserve the church’s resources for the work God has given it.

via What We Teach | Franklin Church of Christ.

Would to God that every congregation of his people had the same singular focus!

Just read over on NRO a phrase of Wm. Buckley, “We exist to make a point, not a profit.” I like that. Christians could borrow that and say, “We exist to to preach, not make a profit.”

But I keep hearing preachers talking about preaching jobs. It’s shameful. People who talk like that betray themselves. They’re not missionaries, but mercenaries. Preaching is not a job, it’s a service. And a service to God, not to paymasters.

Text: Matthew 10

Memorize: “I am sending you out like sheep surrounded by wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16 NET

We know the action of sending. We used to send letters written with mechanical instruments that scratched ink upon paper, stuffed into envelopes and sent by truck and plane. Now we hit “Send” to put an electronic message in someone’s inbox. We send, or ought to, on occasion, flowers to loved ones. Continue reading

Aside from a small beef, that the last verse quoted deals with internal Christian relationships and thus doesn’t advance or cap the point of the article, I have only cheers and amens for Matthew Morine’s article, “The Church and the Lost.”

Therefore, if a congregation is to be faithful to the pattern of Jesus, the congregation must be functioning with non-Christians in mind.  A congregation must not be internally-driven by the needs and demands of the saved.  A congregation must have the same perspective of Jesus by placing the priority on the lost.

It deserves to be read three or four times and implemented immediately in every church. Continue reading

Subtitle: Practical suggestions for giving through the church

God has one body through which he works his will and in which he invests his Spirit. The church is the only provision divinely instituted for his work. “… to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen” (Ephesians 3:21, NRSV). If God is to be given glory in the church, our efforts must be done in and through the church and not handed off to some entity that was unknown in the pages of Scripture.

Below are some concrete suggestions to avoid empowering parachurch organizations and follow the plan of God for salvation through the church. Continue reading