The world at our feet, thanks to the Internet. I just did a translation for an ambassador from an African nation serving in Europe. All in the space of an hour from receiving it by email. How cool is that?

• Several publicity companies have published newspapers or magazines for our area of the city, Urbanova, which is fairly well delineated, considering it is accessed by a single bridge over the Paraiba River. But all of them seem to fail in that they come across as too commercial. Too little journalistic effort, too much filler. They seem to say, we just want to get our name and service in your face. The latest one to come sliding under our door seems a bit better for the effort, but still, something’s missing.

• The Missus brewed some Earl Grey tea and whipped up some blueberry muffins — the homemade kind, not the package stuff, while I translated. One of those life-is-good moments, know what I mean? Continue reading