What joy to meet with God’s own saints,
In greetings face to face;
We mutually lift our heavy weights,
In love and warm embrace.

In common our pains and gains we share,
Whatever may be our load;
Together we engage in prayer,
Companions on this road.

Our sins and errors we confess,
´Tis grace our common bond,
To live and love and give and bless
In fellowship Beyond.

It would seem that brother B.W. Johnson missed the evangelistic context of Col. 4:5 on “redeeming the time” or “making the most of the opportunities” (NET). He says it means “seeking time to do them good” (my emphasis). He broadens it to good works, but the context is to speaking the gospel. See verse 6.

• This broadening (elsewhere I call it mission creep) is a modern tendency as well. Our mission is one of proclamation, according to Scripture. But we’re teaching kids it’s service projects and emptying the treasury for benevolence. No wonder we stopped growing. Continue reading