Glory for otherness

Glory to God for being the center of heaven, the Source of all living, and the Father of those who have been born again; for his holy nature in otherness, for his kingdom which has come and which still will arrive, for his will which is being done in heaven and being embraced upon earth; for giving us our daily bread, for forgiveness of our debts and sins, for deliverance from temptation of the Evil One! Praise to him who teaches us to pray and confirms our trust by fulfilling every promise! His is the glory and the power and the truth forever! Amen!

UPLift: Simple Man

by J. Randal Matheny é 2015

Oh, Lord, I’d be a simple man,
So show me how to prune and pare,
And live within your pleasant plan,
To find the deeper joys, and rare,
To wisely count the human span.
Let me not think of getting ahead —
‘Give me each day my daily bread.’


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