Read my latest Corollaries segment on The Fellowship Room, Things that Never Seem to Get Old in Life, and Some that Do. I’ll likely be off the Internet for a few days, with only occasional access, so you can savor this while I’m gone.

Headed in a bit to Alabama, then tomorrow to Mississippi, to visit the mother-in-law, and report Sunday to the Iuka church. Come join us there!

UPLift logo
UPLift logo

The authors group on FB has been growing slowly but surely, seems to be taking off now. It’s a place to find out what’s being published in the brotherhood. Worth your while if you’re on FB. The UPLift group is another growing one—why can’t people just sign up to my site or list? (I created the UPLift logo all by my lonesome, one of the coolest visuals I’ve ever done. Whatcha think of it?) Continue reading

pick-me-upA few folk look down in the mouth today. Understandable. Here are some pick-me-ups to brighten your day.

If none of this tickles your fancy, surely among the tons of good writing and speaking on The Christian Hub you’ll find something. Shortly, also, I plan to have something up on Believing Prayer, but there’s already plenty of petitions there you’ve not read. I know, I’ve seen the stats. So go there now.

Oh, and I have another short item on the Gospel Progress site about foreign aid. But you wouldn’t be interested in that.