Glory for life

When disaster strikes, we ask, “Where is God?” But every day God asks where we are. God gives life. If he allows us life today, it is because he wants us to repent and come to him. Glory to God for life today!

From Dust to Dust Return

By J. Randal Matheny © 2015

From dust to dust return
the rise and fall of man
to life with empty hands
and when upon the sands
of time he spills his last
regrets he’ll go alone
a spirit who leaves behind
his goods and lands and deeds.

Sat. morning, smell of tea and muffins, sound of Hawaiian music

The morning is well along, and I’m still at home working from my 5.30 am awakening. We might get some rain today, and temps ought to be lower than yesterday, but still warm.

Good moment for tea and muffins, to the sound of some Hawaiian music, out on the back porch.

Posts that came online since I laid my head down last night are the daughter’s OK-corralling and my BNC editorial on embracing the risk of mission. Continue reading “Sat. morning, smell of tea and muffins, sound of Hawaiian music”

Hard to count laps with water in your nose


The swim teacher said I swam 1600m today, 32 laps in an hour. I counted less, but I’ll trust the objectivity of someone who’s not in the water. I tend to lose count after a few laps.

Not bad after a week of swimming, for an old guy.

We watched the opening game of the World Cup yesterday between Brazil and Croatia. Brazil won 3-1 and had the distinction of making all the goals in the game. Figure that one out. Continue reading “Hard to count laps with water in your nose”

Rain and wind, and kids’ play

Strong winds came in with the rain this afternoon and knocked out the electricity, which returned after some two or three hours. I had others things I could do, but I picked up an old novel and read for a bit. The Missus napped. Then we had supper.

Neighborhood boys were out in the rain playing, stripped down to their bermudas. One kid went in and put on his swim trunks. They got under our front eave, under another house’s gutter spout. They’ll remember those good times.