Post an article on doctrine, and especially on one of the brotherhood’s favorite subjects, and our people will flock to it. Post one on prayer, evangelism, the Christian virtues, or some other practical aspect of our faith, and watch it cry for attention. This tendency has been noted over and over again in the various sites published by Forthright/GoSpeak.

If there is a solution to this problem—and it is a serious one—only God knows. (He does know the solution: it’s called repentance. How to get our people to repent is another issue.)

If the Lord Jesus requires obedience to his covenant, let us be obedient in all things. Let us teach all his will, and practice it as well. Continue reading

What vehicle will take us to God? This is the great question for humanity. In order to be accepted by God, dependence upon works, such as those practiced through the law of Moses, is incapable of winning us his approval.

For if a law had been given that was able to give life, then righteousness would certainly have come by the law.
Galatians 3.21b NET Continue reading

• Some time back I’d highlighted this sentence from Holladay’s commentary on 1 Cor.: “Life in Christ is a constant interaction of being acted upon by God and acting in response to God.” That probably means more to me now than it did then.

• I bought my copy of the commentary from sr. Andrade in Belo Horizonte. It has his stamp on the title page, with the date he acquired it: 2 April 1987. He was a good man and effective teacher who died after being hit by a car, as he crossed the avenue in front of his apartment. I miss him and his no-nonsense attitude.

• Coming up: Brazil anniversary #26 on Nov. 28.

• Ron Thomas shared a great phrase yesterday, in the middle of his post about our Bible reading for the day, Ephesians 3. I quote him up to that phrase: Continue reading