God sets people free. The freedom he gives is from sin, from its guilt, from its ultimate consequence of eternal punishment. God is not interested in changing a person’s physical condition or social situation. What happens here on earth is for but a short time. His concern is to reconcile us to himself. This is what Christ accomplished on the cross. Continue reading

God executes his judgment against evil and against evildoers. The righteous desire justice in the world. They live according to God’s word. They want to see his salvation come to all. Evil is opposition to God. It must therefore be defeated. When God judges sinners, his people are vindicated. Glory to God for his righteous judgment!

Human society is unjust and always will be. People ask, if there is a God, why is there injustice in the world? But God is just. He will, at some point in time, or in the judgment, balance all accounts and make everyone answer for their acts. Faith is understanding “the destiny of the wicked.” Glory to God for bringing balance to mankind!

See Psa 73.17.

God is too just to tolerate evil; he is unable to condone wrongdoing. So why does he put up with treacherous people? Why does he apparently say nothing when the wicked devour those more righteous than they are? Because he is following his plan and in his own time will punish evil and recompense those who do good. Let us therefore praise the God who acts!

Hab 1.13

Ascribe glory to God, whose majesty prevents us from ever tiring of his Name. Let us show the respect due to the Lord, before he brings the darkness of disaster! He is Judge who always does what is right. He throws down the rebellious and raises up those who submit to his rule. He is the King who lives forever. Give glory to him!

READ: “Do not judge according to external appearance, but judge with proper judgment” Jn 7.24.

THINK: Christ condemns the critical spirit, Mt 7.1ff, and orders us to consider things—including himself—from the right perspective. He praises him who judges well, Lk 7.43. We must have a good criteria, that of God’s. The world has twisted opinions. The Christian has the mind of Christ, 1 Cor 2.16. The problem is not judging, but judging improperly. Continue reading

Christian dedicationFrom a millstone around the neck to vultures circling over a cadaver, Luke 17 presents vigorous teaching from the Master. As today’s reading, the chapter reminds us that faith is no lark in the park, but a determined, focused, and deliberate path we follow, guided as we are by the truth of Christ.

Watch yourselves!
Luke 17:3a NET Continue reading