“Now is the day of salvation” 2 Cor 6.2

What day is not a day to be saved?
What hour cannot the time be right?
And when can God’s demands be waived?
Is darkness ever better than light?

What lame excuse is worth the soul?
What passions are we willing to rule?
When Jesus opens judgment’s scroll,
Will we be glad we played the fool?

Will we despise the cleansing blood,
Raise Christ again upon the cross?
If we refuse the Savior as Lord,
Rejection means eternal loss.

The first, deciding step is small!
How easy his yoke, how light his load!
How deep his peace, and sweet his call!
What joy to walk on the Lord’s strait road!

You’re welcome to use this in print, as long as you provide proper credits and send me a PDF of the publication. Online, please don’t reproduce it, just link to it. Thanks.

By J. Randal Matheny © 2015

The music suddenly stopped, a pause
of abject fear. The almighty Cause
pronounced the sentence. Terror rose
from deep within, to see the close
of blessing, the shutting off of light,
the end of hope. Bursting from lips
that trembled at the eternal eclipse
of God, arose at first a moan,
low and guttural, throaty groan,
that built and swelled to a constant stream,
perdition’s forever-lasting scream,
in total blackness, never-ending night.


by J. Randal Matheny © 2011

Comes the Rapture yet again, to sweep the faithful saints
Away from sin, the carnal flesh, that tempts, corrupts and taints.
A prophet preaches certain doom, God set a certain date,
Perhaps this time the Lord will heed the man and not be late.
The priest will off with fun and funds, if Christ by chance delay,
But be assured he’ll face the wrath of God on Judgment Day.

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