In spite of not being able to hook into the talkshoe system through skype, which caused a 20-minute delay, I was pleased with the first (and only?) Forthright Radio podcast this afternoon. The moment in the US after the shooting in Aurora CO seemed to call for some sort of live discussion. So Neal Pollard and Ron Thomas accepted the challenge. Continue reading

* Listen to a fine rendition of the hymn “In the Morning of Joy” and the newer “Dare to Stand Like Joshua.”

* Bad news on the laptop: lots wrong with it, technician thinks best to get another one. Taking it to US for definitive diagnosis at Apple. That means more time without it.

* More bad news, this time the car: needs new clutch and possibly wheel bearings. Think hundreds. Continue reading

Prayers, please, for the daughter-in-law. She was put on moderate bed rest, after some contractions yesterday. There are some concerns in the pregnancy. So far so good, but the doctor is accompanying developments closely.

* On Monday we begin 1 Corinthians in our yearly Bible reading plan for slow readers. Why not pick up and join us? The devotionals often follow the readings. Continue reading

In The Pickwick Papers, Dickens has a character say of another that he was teaching little lessons to little boys. The phrase sounds sad to my ears. I want to teach great lessons to great servants of God. I want to pass on grand truths about God and eternity. While keeping our feet on the ground, I want to explore the wonderful themes of God coming to be among us and redeem us. Continue reading

TravelSome notes on our last days in the U.S., and return home in Brazil.

• My U.S. driver’s license was expiring this year. (We have legal residence in Ark.) Was in and out of the revenue office to renew it in 20 minutes. Even passed my eye test without glasses. But the license is good for only four years. Also checked on my voter registration: I’m still good to vote. I will definitely be voting in November, 2012.

• My uncle and aunt phoned and cancelled their camping trip. The contact on the phone said there was no activity at the campground: Everybody was staying in their campers under the air conditioning. Smart people. Parents and high school coaches ought to take a hint, doncha think?

• Seen on a TV ad: 1 out of two American men will get cancer, 1 out of 3 women. Nobody seems to find that strange. Just the way things are? It’s lifestyle, my friends, plain and simple, much of it because of diet (processed foods, fastfood). Other countries don’t have these statistics. Continue reading

Tiririca, the clown elected to Brazilian Congress (below)

Various and sundry subjects tonight …

FHU has released the first issue of its online theological academic journal. I gave my first impressions over on TFR, good, overall. They call it a “religious” rather than “theological” journal. Does that reflect, I wonder, our historical aversion to theology?

New plans, new help for Lord, make them fly. Trying to look at options for Forthright Magazine as well, but it’s slow.

Skyped last night with Barbara Ann, my ministry partner and biz colleague. Good long talk, caught up on plans and ideas. She said sales at FHU Lecs were slow, many people left early fearing the blizzard that fell Wednesday.

Somebody sent me a question last week about instrumental music in the Old Testament and what that meant for the New. He already knew the answer (The Old gives no authorization for the New), but wanted confirmation. I asked if I could post his question with my answer to our Portuguese website and he assented. There are fewer and fewer of his mindset around. The Brazilian church is going whole-hog for progressive doctrine, it seems. Continue reading

Patience. We all have our points of impatience, probably. Behaviors or attitudes that get underneath our skin. Maybe it’s where we feel a tad superior in some area. We think that people who haven’t come up to our standard of knowledge or conduct in that point are fools. Maybe they are, even.

I find myself getting impatient over conversations and ill-advised statements about Bible versions. I confess. I repent. Nothing more to say here.

Forecast calls for rain throughout the week, and temps in the high 70s, low 8os. I like rain. Keeps the temps down, usually. Although there are those afternoon showers that just steam things up. Continue reading

We’ll make it short today. Tonight we go about 20 minutes from home, still in SJCampos, to Paulo and Socorro’s for the Christmas Eve Supper. That’s the Catholic tradition here, and some non-Catholics do it as well, though without the religious trappings. Is that OK, you think?

Yesterday, I promised a poem of mine. Original, unpublished, still got the shine on it. Here: “God Is More.” Whatcha think? Continue reading

With no one to do the daily Bible readings on TFR, this week and next I’ve taken that on. I finished up Rev. 21-22 and started 1 Thes. 1 today. I like the exercise. I’m doing more detailed commentaries than the other guys have done, but I don’t know if that can be maintained through the 31st.

And I’m filling in for Richard Mansel, FMag‘s managing editor, who scooted off to Alabama for Christmas with family.

After my fall yesterday (see yesterday’s Journey entry), my knee, along with assorted muscles and strained spots, is sore, but could have been much worse. I’m very thankful. No, there was no snow, sleet, rain, or other weather factors involved. Just an uneven sidewalk and a clumsy misstep. Continue reading