Heavy stomach, light heart

Bom dia, amigos! Good morning, friends!

Stomach feels a bit heavy after a great Brazilian cookout last night, but we’re good to go today on this Lord’s Day. We’ll lunch with friends out of town, in Tremembé, invited so we can encourage some folks who lost their father suddenly. Then on to regular commitments today in Taubaté and SJCampos.  I pray your day holds as much opportunity! Continue reading “Heavy stomach, light heart”

Daily notes: Bother, recipe, Malaysia, Ireland, important links, reading

¶ Ever wonder, “Why do I bother, when it (whatever “it” is) seems to make no difference, or little difference?” Yeah, me, too, sometimes. (How’s that for a sentence with as many commas as words?) So how many times have you read 1 Cor 15.58?

¶ This not-so-royal couple hit the ground running on arrival Wednesday: Continue reading “Daily notes: Bother, recipe, Malaysia, Ireland, important links, reading”

Waiting to fly

So here we are in the airport in São Paulo, early, waiting for our flight. We’ve had a very calm day, in spite of travel. I made the Missus stay home today instead of running around doing last minute things, and that has helped a lot. Of course, being a holiday today contributed to that. No banks open, etc. Continue reading “Waiting to fly”

Saturday night: the music and I

My entertainment tonight is from libre.fm, a free music site. Went with the classical track. Don’t bother me with words this evening.

Received from the printer this morning most of the 5000 copies of our latest book in Portuguese. Still another 500 to come. They’re in packages of 50 and make quite a pile in the office. I still need to pay the remainder of the bill. The printer and I go way back, so he’s cool about that. Continue reading “Saturday night: the music and I”

Why I was off the grid for four days

The explanation is simple. Last Thursday we arrived from Alabama at my mother-in-law’s house, where there’s no internet access. In the past, I’ve gone into town and used the wifi at the congregation’s offices (which I am doing now). During this visit, however, I chose not to do so, even though we had some updates that needed to be done, after moving our sites to a new hosting service. Continue reading “Why I was off the grid for four days”

More neglected than an old person in a care home

Tiradentes, the "tooth-puller," who died for freedom
Tiradentes, the “tooth-puller,” who died for freedom

Long holiday period here. First was the Catholic Good Friday for which most people got off work. Today is Tiradentes Day, honoring the martyr of independence. (They joke that all Brazilian heroes die: Ayrton Senna, Tancredo Neves.)

In spite of that, our attendance yesterday at Taubaté and Urbanova congregations held up well. Two good moments. For Bible class in the former, I’m teaching a series on the New Testament church, and yesterday’s lesson, number 13 in the series, was the first of two parts on the church’s mission, from Matthew and Mark. Next week, from Luke and John. Continue reading “More neglected than an old person in a care home”