Glory for the Son

The God who sent his Son to die deserves our highest praise. He gave his Son that we might live, lift up our voice to glorify his Name! Sing from the heart, sing out with joy, bless God for this great gift! Glory to the Lord! Glory in word and sacrifice of ourselves!

My Heart Has Sought a Thing

By J. Randal Matheny © 2015

“All my life, my heart has sought a thing
I cannot name,” the searching poet wrote.
I know the name of what he seeks — we sing
Each Sunday praise to Jesus — in every note
A tone of love and joy and satisfaction.
Here’s home, full blessed, complete — what all we sought,
In him we find, the empty heart’s attraction.
What we could not produce, the Savior brought:
To be with God, to walk in his ways, to know
His kindness — never spoke a mortal man
As he addressed the crowds, a voice so low
And meek, like none have heard since Earth began.
So let us tell the poet and all his friends —
In Jesus Christ their frantic searching ends.

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Glory for intercession

Glory to God for the Son of Man who, seated at the Father’s right hand, intercedes for all our needs and understands every challenge we face! Praise be to him! For Jesus knows each one and places us before the Almighty to offer his blood and forgiveness on our behalf.

Do you believe this?

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live even if he dies, and the one who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

John 11.25-26 NET

That’s a good question for all of us, is it not? Living on the resurrection side of the Cross, we’re in a better position to appreciate the truth of Jesus’ declaration. Continue reading “Do you believe this?”