The explanation is simple. Last Thursday we arrived from Alabama at my mother-in-law’s house, where there’s no internet access. In the past, I’ve gone into town and used the wifi at the congregation’s offices (which I am doing now). During this visit, however, I chose not to do so, even though we had some updates that needed to be done, after moving our sites to a new hosting service. Continue reading

Strong winds came in with the rain this afternoon and knocked out the electricity, which returned after some two or three hours. I had others things I could do, but I picked up an old novel and read for a bit. The Missus napped. Then we had supper.

Neighborhood boys were out in the rain playing, stripped down to their bermudas. One kid went in and put on his swim trunks. They got under our front eave, under another house’s gutter spout. They’ll remember those good times.

OK, have set up the WordPress feature to post to my personal blog. Let’s see if the thingy works for self-hosted blogs, and if I’ve got it set properly If so, another nice plus for Red Matrix.

Anybody got a news story for BNc today?

Holiday in Brazil is May 30, 2013. I took a poetic look at it on

I got SJCampos singing file edited and uploaded to Posthaven. Our congregational site is hosted by, so unless you shell out more, you can’t upload audio or video to it. Workaround is posthaven.

Two QBTs today. Other stuff I’ve already forgotten.

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• The theme to  The Fellowship Room has been changed, due to problems that some have with comments. I don’t know if this will be good or not, since it diminishes from the group blog concept. We’ll see.

• Still cold and rainy today. My hands are chilled. I tend to eat more in this kind of weather. Just what I need before traveling again to the US, to gain weight before hitting the Glutton Capital of the world. Continue reading

There seems to have been some server issue; my last post, about my day yesterday, is missing. I’ve written our good host to find out what happened and if the post can be restored. This last one I wrote online, in the blog admin area, so I don’t have a copy of it on my computer. Here’s hoping. …