Not just supper, but all day. Was thinking of all the good stuff — as in healthy stuff — I’ve had today: bananas, papaya, almonds (the milk, actually), oats, cinnamon, honey, peppermint tea, salad (with seasame seeds, tomatoes (um, not much), avocado, cucumbers), zucchini squash (OK, it was in a bread loaf, but substantial), carrots, cauliflower, baked sweet potato, grape juice. Is that good or what? Continue reading

Mission ministry information
A screen capture of the Brazil list page

If you’re not interested in details of history, just skip to the next post.

On 23 Sept 2002 I began the “Brazil” email list on, after deciding to abandon the Yahoo list, whose ads were getting irritating. The latter was started in Feb. 1999. Before that, I don’t remember. Probably just email. Continue reading

Today decided to be productive. With no article forthcoming from columnists on Forthright Magazine, I threw out a little tidbit, “My God,” based on our New Testament readings for 2011, Philippians 4, to be exact. Then I translated it into Portuguese and adapted it as “Meu Deus”, for the Brazilian website. I’d already written a meditation in Portuguese earlier in the day for the Deus Conosco (God with Us) website.

Then I got the email account going for the veterinary clinic, after setting up their website Wednesday. This was left over from some accounts I’d won last year, as I faced the possibility of some tent-making work to supplement our support.

Johnny Polk signed on as a contributor (we call them Fellows) on The Fellowship Room. Got him set up for that today. Plus, other odds and ends, like Quick Bible Truths, United Prayer, etcetera, etcetera. Continue reading

Today seems to be taken with the gospel of Mark, chapter 1, the reading from the daily Bible schedule. Both my Forthright editorial, “Prepare the Way, Before the Time,” and a TFR thought, focusing on Jesus as a man of action, are based on it. There’s still time for you to jump in and do this yearly New Testament reading with us, because it starts today. One chapter a day, weekdays only. Start right here: Mark 1.

This morning was productive, zipped by as I knocked out the tasks. Amazing how a new year re-energizes. Now to keep it up. Continue reading

Timing. No good word for it in Portuguese (a friend said people here use the word agenda), but that word is the reason I’m backing out of a project that I’d said I’d do. I’ve not been able to get it off the ground, what with trips to the U.S., and now getting back into the swing of things here, so I’m sure the directors aren’t happy with that. Not seeing any opening any time soon, I’m going to let them carry it forward without me.

• This is a long holiday weekend, Oct. 12 being a religious celebration with tens of thousands of people coming just down the road from us. (The same day is also Children’s Day, so the toymakers are making a killing. Toys here don’t have great quality and the prices are astronomical.) Going to church in Taubate, we saw lots of pilgrims walking to Aparecida, where the basilica is located. A couple of people were carrying crosses. Continue reading

I sniffed at Facebook for a long time. My account there lay dormant. Then I read a marketing article that Facebook was the social network to invest one’s efforts in for best effect.

So off I went to face the dragon, to tame it and submit it to use for the gospel and our ministry.

My objectives on Facebook are two-fold and, admittedly, at times, difficult to reconcile, but so be it, considering our present situation: gain friends to support our ministry, and influence people toward deciding and living for Christ.

Here are 10 principles I’ve adhered to, albeit intuitively, as I work Facebook. Continue reading

The title? To avoid writing, “odds and ends.” Yeah, corny, I know.

* John Henson started today as our newest Fellow on the Fellowship Room, with two great posts already. Glad to have him from the snowy north.

* Wife and daughter were out most of the day buying last-minute items for the latter’s two-week absence from home, and long stretch at camp. Continue reading