Who prays for me? A few I know,
But many must hasten to heaven’s gate
Whose names I’d never guess—they go
To God on my behalf—up straight
Their intercessions rise.

I know because the angelic horde
Protects, defends, and circles ’round
Against the earthly, airy lord—
His fiery arrows fall to the ground—
Gabriel’s army flies.

The Master spared me many a hurt,
His mercy a sure reply to prayer—
Else I’d lay prone, face-down, in the dirt,
If not for a righteous multitude’s care—
Faithful, hidden allies.

Our good brother Weylan Deaver has an excellent article on “Intercession and Mediation.” Here’s a hefty part of it, but not near all of it, which deserves calm and careful study.

There is nothing in either the concept of intercession or the biblical context of intercession to limit it to a single party. In point of fact, as these examples show, multiple parties are involved in interceding.

Mediation is a different story. “For there is one God, and there is one mediator [Gr. mesites] between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Tim. 2:5). A mesites is a go-between, belonging solely to neither party, but who represents at least two parties, each to the other. Think of it this way. An intercessor pleads on another’s behalf (imagine an arrow pointing one way, from the intercessor to God). But a mediator represents two parties to each other (imagine arrows pointing both directions, from saints to God and from God to saints). Being God, Jesus is perfectly qualified to present God to men. And, having become a man, Jesus is perfectly qualified to present men to God. Christ’s station is unique. He is the gateway to atonement, the door to redemption. As mediator, Jesus is the conduit of two-way representation, bringing God and redeemed man together. No one else could. This is why there can be multiple intercessors, but only a single mediator. Let us thank God for both! –via Intercession and Mediation

Weylan does a good job of helping us to get a handle on two important, yea, essential, concepts of Scripture.

Wonder if he’ll let us translate it into Portuguese?

Prayer for August 2009 –We invite the brotherhood to dedicate the month of July to the following petition:

August 24 is Infancy Day. Let us pray that every child may be reared in security and with love, in homes that follow Christ. August 9 in some countries is Father’s Day. May the men assume their role as spiritual guides in the home.

May our missionary petition be: Continue reading

Today I’m keeping in mind several prayer requests that are special to me. If you have one you’d like me to add to my list, share it below and I’ll pray about it throughout the day.

And if you’d like to mention mine before the Lord, here are a couple of them from my list:

Our son Joel continues to search for a job; we pray the Lord will open the right door for him.

We pray that several people who have heard the gospel will obey the Lord.

My wife and daughter arrive only next Tuesday. My time this weekend will be spent, in good part, in prayer. Leave your request or motive for gratitude in the comment area below, and I’ll include it in my weekend prayers.

I’ve removed the requirement for registering to make it easier for you to leave a comment.

First on my list came by email, a request for prayer for the family of a divorcee who, yesterday, shot her 6-year-old daughter in the back and killed her, and then committed suicide. The ex-husband and father is a friend of friends of ours.

This is my song this weekend: “I Am Praying for You.