Along the farthest coasts and islands of the sea,
As far as richest mind can reach to the world’s extremes,
The folly of man pursues, and from it none is free:
The wisest, best and purest — none is what he seems.

Of God’s good plan in Jesus Christ we all have need,
Incurable, sinful hearts in him can be made whole;
Divine redemption — rescue — starts with but a seed,
The powerful word of God can save a sinful soul.

A sinner like me! For me came God in human flesh,
The murky truth of Jesus’ birth is mystery
Revealed — in him we see the mercy of God afresh —
That love which hung upon, and not below, the tree.

To God give glory for not looking away from our horrendous state of sin, for seeing us as we are, for getting his hands dirty in the person of Jesus, for not ignoring the baseness and perversity of man! Exalt him who knows us through and through and still can love! God be praised for his knowledge of man and for his rescue through the Lord Jesus Christ!