On this site I’ve changed the permalink structure to remove the date numbers. Then I did a URL redirect in the .htaccess file. So if you find that links posted before today aren’t getting you to┬áthe posts, please let me know. It seems to be working for me, but that’s no guarantee.

Here’s an example. This link:


should redirect you to here:


If it doesn’t, please let me know.

With complaints that the text of the former theme was hard to read, I’ve reverted, for now, to an older theme I once used, Writr, until the next spiffy one appears. This theme has a heavy text font, which ought to take care of any problems at the moment.

A writer cannot have the medium mess up the message. Nope, so we must deal quickly with that.

Background images do not show up well in this theme, but we’ll make do.

Hang on! We’re transferring the site to a new server, so the ride may get bumpy for a bit.

Other Forthright/GoSpeak sites are also being transferred: BNc, Forthright Mag, FPress, BelievingPrayer.com, etc. I have great hopes for this change.

Much work in a short time.

On top of that we’re traveling and had to change out our rental car today because of engine problems. Got the same small sardine-can model, no courtesy update, sorry very much.

Patience, friends, we’re trying some themes for ye olde personal blog. Please don’t mind the mess. I’m tempted to go with the Mercury theme, which I’ve placed on two of our Brazilian sites.

If I install a theme like Mercury which allows status posts, I may post more than usual, so you might revise your email subscriptions to the site. I believe there’s an option to get a daily site update, rather than an immediate email for each individual post.