Not just supper, but all day. Was thinking of all the good stuff — as in healthy stuff — I’ve had today: bananas, papaya, almonds (the milk, actually), oats, cinnamon, honey, peppermint tea, salad (with seasame seeds, tomatoes (um, not much), avocado, cucumbers), zucchini squash (OK, it was in a bread loaf, but substantial), carrots, cauliflower, baked sweet potato, grape juice. Is that good or what? Continue reading

Vicki saw the doctor today, after a full battery of tests. This was her third trip to the São Paulo hospital this month.

The doc agreed to let her control the extra “wiring” in her heart (tachycardia) with medication, which she is already taking, but said if she later decided on an ablation, she could do that. And down the road it might become a necessity. Continue reading

After a week of being shut out of my blog, plus over a half-dozen other sites on our hosted server, I’m back. The server’s host identified me as a bad influence and banned my IP. Once the System gets on your bad side …

In the meantime, I was doing the devotionals on the backup blog on Posterous. Do check those out. I was also tweeting and posting on my Friendica spot. You should really sign up for one of those. See here. Once you do, search for me as That’s not an email, but a Friendica ID.

Just posted a new Christian Hub recommendation for a “complete devotional experience.” Yesterday, I got mean with a TFR post, ‘All donors have agendas’. What else? I’m sure I missed something. Continue reading

“You are what you eat,” is a truism blatantly ignored, which brings a high price.

People everywhere are finally waking up to the indisputable fact that all simple sugars are not the same when it comes to the physical end results they create. … When these differences are understood, it’s easy to see how and why fructose—mainly in the form of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)—is in large part responsible for the meteoric rise of obesity and its related health problems.

It’s a staple ingredient in a vast majority of sweetened beverages and processed foods of all kinds, from pre-packaged meals to baked goods and condiments. And the number one source of calories in America is soda, in the form of HFCS! via Fructose Affects Your Brain Very Diferently than Glucose.

A chilling truth you need to know about fructose. It’s in most all processed foods, and it’s basically a poison to your system.

Somewhere between yesterday and today, I injured my left knee. Was it a bad sleeping position? A twist in a step on my way to the bus stop? Or, maybe this is it, bruises from using my knee to keep me in place on the bus when it took the corners at a fast clip?

After sitting for a bit, it gets stiff and sore. I’m fine standing up. So I’ve been up and down a lot today, switching as well from the couch, to chair, to table. Continue reading