Grace and Glory

Psalm 84.11

The Lord gives plenteous grace and glory—
His grace creates identity,
Removes us from the adversary;
His glory gives purpose we can see,
A work from which we dare not vary—
He’s sun and shield, what repertory!

Glory for Jesus

God reveals his glory to man. He revealed it most fully in Jesus. Jesus’ miracles showed his divine nature. They were done to bring us to believe in him and confess him as the Chosen One. Praise God for his glory in Jesus!

Nothing Happening?

When nothing seems to happen, God works still,
When time appears to stop, the Lord still acts,
The emptiness is the moment he can fill,
And knowing he doesn’t rest, I can relax.

The Doubter

He prayed, unsure his words would rise
To heaven. He sowed in doubt, no eyes
To see a harvest. He read the pages
Of Scripture, clouded the God of ages.

Surprised, he saw the walking dead,
The mute speak words, the poor find bread,
Despair embrace hope, the weak become strong —
And he was glad to be proved wrong.

Glory for Giver

God is the great Giver. How often the Bible uses the verb “to give” with God as the subject! He gives generously and freely. His giving reflects his great love. He gives even more to those who have established a covenant relationship with him. He gives all spiritual blessings in Christ. Praise God for being the God who gives!

The Lord

The Lord is good — a fortress, indeed,
For those in distress, for times of need;
The Lord protects the small and weak,
Who come for refuge, who knock and seek.

The Lord shows mercy — he hears the pleas
Of the poor, all human suffering sees,
He welcomes the humble, breaks the proud,
Gives hope to those whose necks are bowed.

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How can the Lord be ‘God of gods’?

Four times in the NET Bible the phrase “God of gods” is used, all of them in the Old Testament. One time it is used by a pagan king, but the other three are used by Moses, one of the psalmists, and an angel. The four passages are in Deuteronomy 10.17; Psalm 136.2; Daniel 2.47; and Daniel 11.36. (The NASB, ESV, and NIV also record the phrase in these four passages.) Continue reading “How can the Lord be ‘God of gods’?”

Glory for greatness

God is so great that we may speak of him all day, every day, without tiring. His acts are wonderful, his word is marvelous, his love has no measure. His thoughts are inexhaustible, the intricacy of his plan beyond beautiful. God deserves all the glory of man’s heart!

Glory for need

Many people seek God when they feel they need something: relief from problems, solutions to crises, healing for body or relationships. God wants us to seek him for himself. No need is greater than our need for him. He created us this way. Glory to God for satisfying this deepest need!

One Listens

I think that no one listens—God hears
The humble man who walks in faith, and fears
The Lord. What man may do has little meaning
When God for blessed saints is intervening.