God is complete in himself. He has everything he needs. He doesn’t need our service or our sacrifices. He has fullness in himself. In Christ we receive this fullness, so that we have everything we need. From that fullness we serve and love, and in it we rejoice. Glory to God for his fullness which he shares with us!

Words have meanings. We can communicate and be understood. God created man with this innate capability, because, above all, he wants to communicate with us. God speaks and we can understand. The Bible has a clear message. Glory to God for creating meaning!

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God puts up with so much even from his own people. For example, he responded kindly to Jonah, who pouted at God’s goodness. He endures much from us. Still, he bears up patiently. Let us be patient with others, as God is with us. Praise him for his longsuffering attitude toward us!

God restores the person who repents. Those who suffer for Christ also will be given honor and glory. The humble will be exalted. The Lord lifts up the fallen and the broken. Praise God for his work of restoration!

To grow old is a blessing from God. It has the potential to bring wisdom and prepare us better for eternity. The passage of years provides better perspective. With the decline of physical strength, God provides spiritual stamina. Praise be to the Ancient of Days for aging!

Jesus came in the flesh as a human being. He was raised from the dead in glory and returned to God’s side in heaven. He will come again in the glory of his angels to bring salvation to those who await him. He will not then offer a second chance to people. He will judge and save forever. God be praised for the coming of Jesus!

God is the great Giver. How often the Bible uses the verb “to give” with God as the subject! He gives generously and freely. His giving reflects his great love. He gives even more to those who have established a covenant relationship with him. He gives all spiritual blessings in Christ. Praise God for being the God who gives!

The Lord calls people who serve him his friends. Friends share with each other their thoughts and plans. Friends are honest with each other. Friends find pleasure in each other’s presence. Friends want the best for each other. The Lord is a friend in all these ways, and more. Glory to God for being our friend!

God sends his saints into the world to proclaim the gospel and prepares for his people all they need to carry through with their task of sharing the gospel. Every single Christian is given the necessary truth, tools, motivation, and courage to teach others. Glory to God for providing for his people of light!