On a social media thread far, far away, somebody mentioned that he controlled his eating by thinking of how much work it would take to work off each set of 100 calories in food.

I’m not a calorie counter, but was glad that worked for him. Then I wrote,

To count my food in calories,
Is death by bites and small degrees;
I eat to live, but find great joy
In equal parts in sausage and soy.


We have a new TexMex restaurant in town, Natortilha. Brazilian style. It’s more of a fast-food franchise in the Colinas Mall.

Natorilha is better than the first one here. The second one has gotten many bad reviews, and it’s very, very expensive (so we’ve never been). So we hail the arrival of this, the third one.

This one is tasty, and takes a Subway approach to making your tortilla.

We’ve eaten there twice, one of the better options, for us, in the mall. Have been pleased.

CoffeecakeAh, how nice to be at home and have Vicki’s homemade coffee cake with hot tea this morning.

In the background, the bananas and papaya for tomorrow’s almondshake. The bananas need to ripen a bit still. The darker they get, the sweeter and better they are.

The basket comes from Abilene TX, from the Baker Heights church. It came full of fruit and goodies for our trip. Thanks, Suzanne, and beloved ones!

I just ate the almost perfect pão de queijo, cheese bread with the cheese all mixed up in the bread — and this at the local padaria. It was hot, must have just come out of the oven, with just the right texture of gooiness inside, outer crust cooked to the right point.

Mine wasn’t the dinky little ones, but the fist-sized bread, all the better. Not the kind that squeeks on your teeth (maybe a sign of the cheese?), but the wonderful chewiness of a just-right texture.

The coffee was fresh and hot as well, so it made a great combination. Better would have been a cappuchino, but the bread maxes out my lactose limit for the next couple of days.

For a minute, I thought I was back in Belo Horizonte. The padeiro (bread=makerj) has to be from Minas Gerais.

And people ask me if I ever think of moving to the States!


Big news today is Fabia’s baptism. I add an extra tidbit about it on the posterous site (this post title is teaser), which you’ll find interesting to read.

Other big news: we have no meeting place for Sunday in Taubate. When we arrived last Sunday, we were told that the hotel was closed for renovation. Our sister in Christ, Rose, said she saw on TV that it went bankrupt. Whichever’s the case, one of the managers finally got in touch with us today to say we couldn’t meet there any more until April, when the hotel would be reopened. Continue reading