What joy to meet with God’s own saints,
In greetings face to face;
We mutually lift our heavy weights,
In love and warm embrace.

In common our pains and gains we share,
Whatever may be our load;
Together we engage in prayer,
Companions on this road.

Our sins and errors we confess,
´Tis grace our common bond,
To live and love and give and bless
In fellowship Beyond.

individualityPeople today are treated as members of a group. There’s much talk about the various generations and their characteristics. Media adopted massification, a term which the dictionary defines as the “adaptation of a phenomenon to the masses, to a great number of people, by the suppression of differentiating characteristics which it presented.”

We don’t have names any more, but numbers.

But I hope to see you right away, and we will speak face to face. Peace be with you. The friends here greet you. Greet the friends there by name.
3 John 14 NET Continue reading

Saturday night the music school where The Maiden studies put on their year-end recital for students and a few invited musicians.

She did a great job on the contralto flute, playing an Air by J. Barrett for her solo. With the school quartet, she played “Sheep May Safely Graze,” by Bach, “Hornpipe,” by H. Purcell, and “Il Est Bel et Bon?,” an anonymous piece from the 17th century. With the majority of the students, she played a German Christmas song, the “Flintstones” song, and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” (Coming up: photos and a video clip.)

As in recent years, the recital was held in the cultural center, Espaço Mário Covas, the former municipal government building. Attendance was around 70-80 people.

Of that number, some 18 people from the church went to hear The Maiden play, both from SJCampos and Taubaté. Afterwards, everyone piled in at our house, and we ordered pizza. Our little living room was hot and crowded, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the fellowship. Continue reading

Jorge, Paula and Daniel spent the night with us Saturday, after the Christian ladies met in Taubate that afternoon at Aline’s house. They live in Sao Paulo and we often invite them to stay, but Jorge does a lot of research for his work on the weekends, so it’s not often they come. We were pleased they took us up this time.

After church Sunday, Vicki had prepared lunch, so we and Jorge’s family went back to our house to eat. Leila made her lemon pie, but I went for one of the brownies left over from our Wednesday night study. Continue reading

I don’t remember much about last week, since the weekend was a non-stop ride.

Friday afternoon Abner, a young Christian from Belo Horizonte, caught the bus in Sao Paulo to visit us. He and his family were in the capital for his dad Baltazar’s speaking engagement at the Jardim das Flores church on marriage. Continue reading