To God belong both power and love,
Both glory and might — in gladness and light,
Let hearts and lips, with heavenly host,
Sing throaty praise — great throng of saints!

Let never escape the Name of God
From lips in vain, that lack in awe;
Hold high the Lord — the holy Lord —
His work and love and word and will.

What is your greatest fear?Tony Robbins was wrong. Our fears are not the most powerful motivators. The love and mercy of Jesus Christ move men more deeply, more quickly, more strongly.

But Robbins, who likely does not know that love, is right that fear is a powerful motivator. Absent the presence of Christ, fear moves us more than any other stimulus. Continue reading

Fear kills joy. Trust feeds it. At the end of the first main block of material in Isaiah (chapters 1-12), the prophet describes God’s salvation (“God is my salvation,” v. 2 ESV), by means of a figure of fountains of water.

Joyfully you will draw water from the springs of deliverance.
Isaiah 12:3 NET

In this chapter of only six verses, the hymn of gratitude pours out the feelings of the people for their salvation.

The Christian remembers that he who thirsted on the cross brought to the world the living waters.

Father, I will not be afraid, but I will trust in your promise, and rejoice in the salvation we have in Christ. Amen.