My Momma Said

April is NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing Month. So here we go! This time, for the children.poem-momma-said

Do you think that adults might find a little lesson in here somewhere?

Glory for family

Glory to God, who wants to be our Father, for giving us family, for creating in us his very character, for making Jesus our elder brother! Praise him for love and home and hope and security!

Grateful for my dad

I’m grateful that my dad pointed me toward ministry, that he encouraged me to study, and that he gave me an example of dedication in the church. He willingly did what he could, and I am glad to imitate his faith.

Vicki and Tessa

Taken just before Tessa’s bedtime yesterday. It was a long day. She went shopping with Aunt Yeiya (Leila) and Vovó, took a long nap, had a great time at Judah’s birthday party. And still finished up smiling!

More family pics

I’m not sure what photos I’ve uploaded where, but here are a few of them. Several of them I swiped from others.

Old photos of family