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Nothing impossible for us

We qualify some of Jesus’ statements so much that they fall out of the Bible.

Day 3: Faith by counting the stars

Thoughts on Gen. 11-15 and Job 13-18.

Do not trust in man

After 10 years, have we learned something?

The Christian’s product

We need a sharp clarity on this one.

Made perfect together with us

The patriarchs? In the same boat with us.

Build yourselves up

Most holy? That means it’s serious stuff.

Who will pass?

We celebrate important passages of life, but one passage we ought to make is refused by most people.

When God acts

How many do we help or hinder by our actions? A false step can throw many off the path, can keep multitudes from finding the way. The right word and the good example may well be the signposts for myriads of souls to enter the Kingdom of God. • I wrote today on Facebook: “You couldn’t overcome, because you hid your struggle, perhaps in shame, but by doing so, shut yourself away from help by […]

God freely gives

When we understand that God gave His only Son Jesus to die for our sins, it should remove any worries we have about our daily life on this earth. If indeed God gives us eternal salvation through His Son Jesus, why would He then withhold anything we need to live in the world? (via [bibletalk] Freely Gives) In his BibleTalk this morning, Steve Preston commented on Romans 8:32. Paul in this verse does what later […]

Short bolts of (maybe) wisdom

A few of my thoughts under rain and breeze. Picture above, taken in my front yard, yesterday. * The world is in a flower: the burst of life, the beauty of symmetry, the joy of color, the fading into death, the seed of new beginnings. * I feel like I’m approaching an insight, but instead of landing, I’m in a circular holding pattern. * He threw words on paper like mama threw bacon in the […]

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