• READ: “Everyone who is a child of God has the power to win against the world. It is our faith that wins the victory against the world.” 1 John 5.4 ICB. (More)
  • THINK: Remember David before Goliath. The world seems large, but God is greater.
  • PRAY: God who inspires faith, thank you for the victory over the world. I believe! Strengthen my faith.
  • ACT: Show the victory of faith by turning problems into opportunity to show the glory of God.
  • ASK: What can I do today to demonstrate that my faith is victorious?

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Shall we not leave the faith to the pros?
For living for Christ is the thorn of the rose,
Too tough for the layman, the teaching is hard,
And heavy the need to be always on guard.

Let preachers and elders then do all the lifting,
And college professors the doctrinal sifting;
Such wisdom’s required above and beyond —
We commoner folk don’t know how to respond.

If God had wanted his meaning to be plain,
He’d make the Way easy, removing the pain;
The experts must guide us and save us much woe —
God never expected the masses to know.

We want someone to solve our problem, without having to lift a finger. We want the solution to fall from the sky. But one person, a woman with a hemorrhage, knew that she would have to run after the solution.

When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, for she kept saying, “If only I touch his clothes, I will be healed.”
Mark 5.27-28 NET Continue reading