NOTE: The creators of Friendica used their experience to develop a still greater tool, RedMatrix. And the latest evolution, from all that experience, is Hubzilla. My spot is here.

Friendica is a social networking system that allows you to connect with people just about anywhere on the Internet. It’s free, it’s open, and it’s as private as you want to make it. How to get started using Friendica? Continue reading

by J. Randal Matheny © 2011

You could sing this to the tune of a Mozart hymn, if you were so inclined.

Life is like a Facebook status,
Falling quickly out of sight,
Rushing past with no hiatus,
Bits and chips in hurried flight.

Glimpses of our kin and cronies,
Reading just what they reveal,
Never knowing if they’re phonies,
If their joy or pain is real.

When we’re busy, much we’re missing,
Posts are sent we do not see,
Later, we start reminiscing,
Far from friends and family.

In a previous article, I outlined my 10 Principles for Working Facebook for the Gospel. Now, a light-hearted poetic form reminds us of the reason for it all, even for getting on Facebook. Maybe you’ll want to add a couplet in the comments. This little piece popped out rather quickly this morning, so it’s still fresh out of the oven.

The Facebook Poem
by J. Randal Matheny © 2011

A friend might care about my latest mood,
And even read my rants and raves on food;
My mother likes to know my every move,
My every post and status she’ll approve;
But more than me or mine I like to show,
And more than giving a poke or like or hello, Continue reading

I sniffed at Facebook for a long time. My account there lay dormant. Then I read a marketing article that Facebook was the social network to invest one’s efforts in for best effect.

So off I went to face the dragon, to tame it and submit it to use for the gospel and our ministry.

My objectives on Facebook are two-fold and, admittedly, at times, difficult to reconcile, but so be it, considering our present situation: gain friends to support our ministry, and influence people toward deciding and living for Christ.

Here are 10 principles I’ve adhered to, albeit intuitively, as I work Facebook. Continue reading