… for over thirty years [Jeremiah Wright] led a church that serves the community by doing God’s work here on Earth — by housing the homeless, ministering to the needy, providing day care services and scholarships and prison ministries, and reaching out to those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Thus saith Obama. There have been many criticisms made of Wright’s church, Obama’s association and now his speech distancing/defending. But I have a missiological criticism to make. Continue reading

Subtitle: Practical suggestions for giving through the church

God has one body through which he works his will and in which he invests his Spirit. The church is the only provision divinely instituted for his work. “… to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen” (Ephesians 3:21, NRSV). If God is to be given glory in the church, our efforts must be done in and through the church and not handed off to some entity that was unknown in the pages of Scripture.

Below are some concrete suggestions to avoid empowering parachurch organizations and follow the plan of God for salvation through the church. Continue reading

Tim Hall had told me it made it in the Gospel Advocate, but I didn’t see it until today when my copy of the February issue arrived. (We may have the Internet, but snail mail is still … snail slow.

Long ago I had sent in the review (below) to Tim’s book, “Discovering the Kingdom of God,” published 2005 by Choate now distributed by Forthright Press. Or I should say printed, since Tim paid for the job. But the GA shelved the review. Here’s why. Continue reading