Soon will I leave these limits of body and earth,
Where dreams explode the finite tears and mirth,
To go to less or greater life beyond,
For endless power or a dark eternal bond,
For freedom’s joy, that broad and easy peace,
Or chains of agony’s loss that never cease.
My steps this day, my choices along my path,
Decide my just reward of bliss or wrath.

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Very soon our time is going to change,
A greater change than a human’s hourly shift;
No longer will we follow the standard time:
The minute’s sweep to eternity will be swift;
From hours and days the starkness may seem strange:
Darkened hell for those who refuse the gift,
And humble seekers lifted to light sublime.

Live well this shortened life; there’ll be no other!
Discover whence comes love’s deep wellspring;
Take stock of all you say and do — be sure
You focus on the most important thing:
What lies above, the good that will endure
Beyond this earth, eternal blessings that bring
A person into the presence of God the Father.


By J. Randal Matheny © 2015

Unfinished yet, but perfect still,
This new creation in the Spirit;
And such will be my state until
On resurrection I inherit

The eternal man. I’m now complete,
With every gift and need supplied,
But when the last foe I defeat,
Forever in heaven I shall reside.



The shortcut you think may save you time and grief may never get you to your destination. It may seem the quickest way. It promises to reroute you, past the hard incline, around the boulders, and over bogs. But it may well end in the thick of the forest, where it throws you into a tangle of briars and limbs and crevices from which you cannot extricate yourself. Continue reading