A church bulletin I received this week featured a friend’s article. I forwarded the bulletin on to my friend, who would not have otherwise known that they had published his article. He thanked me and seemed pleased, and I was glad to have encouraged him, if indeed it did.

In reply, I wrote him and said this: It may not work for others this way, but I usually feel more motivated and inspired to do more and better writing when I see that others use my material or benefit in some way from what I have written. Continue reading

The chemical weapons stockpile has been stored at Pine Bluff Arsenal since the 1940’s.The disposal of the ton containers at the PBCDF is the final campaign of the chemical weapons disposal mission. via KAIT-8.

Seventy years of stockpiled chemicals. Do governments ever throw anything away? The human gathering and storing instincts pop up in the strangest places.

Like my office. I started, um, reignited, my declutter mission, attacking the piles of paper so that FlyLady would be proud of me. I have to stop at times to let the shredder cool off. That’s when I hear all the precious sheets of deadwood declare their essentiality to my well-being. And who knows, but that tomorrow, or maybe even in an hour’s time, I may need the information or the proof of purchase that little square holds? Parting is painful sorrow.

Joy in Tanzania is cheering me, and millions others, on to greater heights of simplicity. I confessed, when she asked yesterday, to being a pile-shifter. But isn’t that what corners and cubbies are for, to safeguard sliding columns of yellowed paper? Continue reading

A Facebook friend posted a picture of jelly beans, chose a color to express her mood and asked what color the reader was. Not content with that, I gave a different reply, here expanded.

I am Color. More than the incandescent stripes of the rainbow, more than the modest drops of covered chocolate, more than the jar of painted beans. Continue reading

After so many years of foreign life, I’ve forgotten how many times we’ve traveled back and forth between Brazil and the U.S. We’ve flown all the airlines, from Bolivian’s low fares to Varig’s (former) excellent service, and the U.S. companies like Delta, American and Continental.

I’ve had luggage lost (and found), flights canceled because of broken airplane parts, airports closed due to bad weather, a full pot of scalding coffee dumped down my back from air turbulence. (No, I didn’t sue, and no, they didn’t bother to give me any compensation.) Continue reading