One of the most neglected spots on the Internet is this blog. It’s the first to find itself thrown carelessly into a corner. It’s practically been scrapped for useable parts. Work reports and points went to Posterous caught our eye and captured our virtual quotes and comments thereon. News, what little I know, since I’m the posterboy for the Last One to Find Out Things, gets posted on And The Fellowship Room, the big and beautiful group blog for Forthright Press on the web, takes the chatty breath out of my mouth.

So this personal site gets the crumbs: the rare piece of poetry that manages to seep out among the prose; the journey/journal entries with long and silent gaps between them; the sermon outline or Bible thought thrown to English speakers as a sop from the Portuguese side of the brain; the jagged, raw thought that demands expression but fits nowhere else but here. Ah, forsaken namesake!

• Ron Jackson popped into Brazil this week for more meetings with his employer, Embraer. He came to our house for a snack and taught our Bible reading group last night (Wed.). He’s always a joy and encouragement. He was here last in June, I think. Continue reading