Yes, a short poem on the pagan topic of the moment:


by J. Randal Matheny © 2011

If fallen Charlie’s lost his Sheen,
Then why do we see him on the screen?
Why must we watch him vent and preen?
If for his antics he got fired,
Then how is he still yapping and wired?
Of him I long ago was tired.

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Hang with me, we’ll get to the verse. So I’m crowding the UPLift list these days — enjoy for the years of lean cows will likely come.

We’re back to the Roman bread and circuses. And the entertainment mindset, as many observers have already noted, pervades society, or perhaps better, societies. Seems people can’t get serious. If it doesn’t entertain, it doesn’t hold interest. That’s why we have churches who get in the entertainment business with positive-thinking, joke-telling, stunt-pulling preachers, choirs and choruses and fast-moving meetings. Yank whatever doesn’t sell. Continue reading