Don’t be alarmed at prophets of doom, be they political, social, or environmental. Politics has always been dirty and dishonest. Social movements have grown and died. Environmentalists are not dispassionate scientists reading objective data.

Observers have divided the generations into baby boomers, generations X and Y, and new tags are invented every few years. The upcoming generation causes concern, and always has. The human being is a worrier at heart. Continue reading


Soggy morning here, after heavy storms last night that kept us awake and electricity blinking off and on. Before we left for the airport yesterday afternoon, we had some hail. On our way out of town, we saw trees split by wind or lightning and some trees uprooted.

The local newspaper said that the storm yesterday had 70km winds which knocked down 20 trees in SJC and Taubaté and a metal structure up the hill from us at the university. Continue reading