Glory for qualifying

Glory to God who does great things in Christ and in his people, who sanctifies and purifies us, who prepares us for good works, who qualifies us for the kingdom of righteousness, who transfer us from the powers of darkness into his light, who is God over all and in all and through all. Praise and honor and power are his!

Glory for forgetting

The God who knows all, since before time began, who is omniscient, forgives and forgets sins.

The God who is holy and righteous wipes away every blot and stain upon our souls.

The God who never acts against his own nature makes our rebellion disappear.

The God who loves eternally and rejoiced in the creation of man loves us still and gave us hope in his Son Jesus Christ.

Praise and honor and glory be his forevermore!

Glory for boggling

Glory to God, the Eternal Trinity,
who boggles the mind and comforts the heart;
He, the Sovereign Lord of the armies
who far exceeds the horizon of thought,
inhabits the close confines of man.
Praise him in the highest!

Glory for creation

Glory in the creation of God, for it speaks of him, sings his praise, points to his power, proclaims his goodness! Not for its own sake, but for man’s did the Lord create the universe, as our meeting point with God and our proving ground for eternity. Praise his wonderful wisdom!

Glory for guarding

Give glory to God who protects us from ourselves! Praise him who helps the humble! Bless the name of the Lord, for he is willing to save and guard his little ones! Let his goodness penetrate your heart and fill your mouth!

Glory for temple

Glory be to God for creating a new temple by the Spirit’s indwelling in his saints. He enlivens and makes it grow, gives it holiness and protects its sanctity.  He has given it foundation and Cornerstone and adds daily to its expansion. God dwells among us. Praise him for abiding with us and in us!

Glory by proclaiming

Give glory to God by proclaiming to everyone who he is and what great things he has done. Confessing sin is also a way to recognize the perfection of God. Praise to God speaks his name reverently, and never in vain. Bless his name, speak highly of the Lord, and know that every one of his promises is being fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Glory for fruition

God deserves all glory because he answers prayer, makes our plans come to fruition when we consecrate them to his purpose, and blesses us in every way, far above any good result we can imagine. Let us therefore praise him because he is near and ever willing to raise up the fallen and exalt the humble. God is good!

Glory for continual cleansing

Glory to God for the gift of forgiveness, which begins at baptism and continues throughout the life of the Christian, for we all stumble in many things! Glory to him who is willing and able to forgive, not only time and again, but continually cleansing us from all sin. To him belongs all praise and honor!