Four times in the NET Bible the phrase “God of gods” is used, all of them in the Old Testament. One time it is used by a pagan king, but the other three are used by Moses, one of the psalmists, and an angel. The four passages are in Deuteronomy 10.17; Psalm 136.2; Daniel 2.47; and Daniel 11.36. (The NASB, ESV, and NIV also record the phrase in these four passages.) Continue reading

Don’t be alarmed at prophets of doom, be they political, social, or environmental. Politics has always been dirty and dishonest. Social movements have grown and died. Environmentalists are not dispassionate scientists reading objective data.

Observers have divided the generations into baby boomers, generations X and Y, and new tags are invented every few years. The upcoming generation causes concern, and always has. The human being is a worrier at heart. Continue reading

God is too just to tolerate evil; he is unable to condone wrongdoing. So why does he put up with treacherous people? Why does he apparently say nothing when the wicked devour those more righteous than they are? Because he is following his plan and in his own time will punish evil and recompense those who do good. Let us therefore praise the God who acts!

Hab 1.13

God deserves all glory and honor on the tongues of men, because he rules the universe and makes everything that happens contribute to the fulfillment of his will. Praise him who explodes our negative assessments of the church and of ourselves! Exalt him who transforms dead seed into great growth! Blessed be the God whose word is power, whose power is active in the world and whose activity can be seen by people of faith.

The isolated reading of a story can lead us to wrong conclusions. For example, in Acts 12, how could the Lord let the apostle James die? No motive on Herod’s part is given, only the fact of James’ death at the hands of the arrogant and tyrannical king.

He had James, the brother of John, executed with a sword.
Acts 12:2 NET Continue reading

Being on a chain suggests restriction of liberty, loss of choices. It’s what we do to animals. We tether them at our pleasure, without consulting them, either for our convenience or for their security. In a way, the follower of Christ is tethered to the Lord.

But he knows the pathway that I take;
if he tested me, I would come forth like gold.
Job 23:10 NET Continue reading