TravelSome notes on our last days in the U.S., and return home in Brazil.

• My U.S. driver’s license was expiring this year. (We have legal residence in Ark.) Was in and out of the revenue office to renew it in 20 minutes. Even passed my eye test without glasses. But the license is good for only four years. Also checked on my voter registration: I’m still good to vote. I will definitely be voting in November, 2012.

• My uncle and aunt phoned and cancelled their camping trip. The contact on the phone said there was no activity at the campground: Everybody was staying in their campers under the air conditioning. Smart people. Parents and high school coaches ought to take a hint, doncha think?

• Seen on a TV ad: 1 out of two American men will get cancer, 1 out of 3 women. Nobody seems to find that strange. Just the way things are? It’s lifestyle, my friends, plain and simple, much of it because of diet (processed foods, fastfood). Other countries don’t have these statistics. Continue reading

• Seems like Monday today, because we went to Taubaté last night. Funny how changes in routine tinker with your inner clock/calendar. Of course, some people live in the no-routine routine. I’ve discovered I like my practiced regimen, even though Brazilians are prejudiced against what they call being “systematic.” They prize spontaneity. Equate it with sincerity. Great mistake that one.

• The occasion last night was Aline’s birthday. She and Leila are especially close, and we enjoy her and Humberto’s company. The food ain’t bad either; the strawberry cake filled with cream deserved a second round, effectively melting my resolve to eat a single piece.

• A brother asked on an email list about a couple in premarital counseling. The guy likes to spend time with old girlfriends. While there were more details, I gave this answer. Was I too pessimistic or harsh?

  1. If he appeals to fairness, he’s not ready for marriage.
  2. A romantic relationship never (OK, hardly ever) falls back into a platonic relationship.
  3. Tell the guy to get a life, if he loves [his fiancee], and leave the other women. If he won’t leave them now, he won’t after marriage either, and it’s a set-up for adultery. He’s a lecher, unless American men are different from Brazilians, which, considering the divine wiring and plumbing, I doubt.

• Though I’m not going after any more business with that idea of mine last year, I have another gig to do, recommendation from a previous job. And the guy’s business partner is interested in one for himself as well. So I’ll do the ones that fall in my lap. Does that sound fair?

• Prayers for the folks in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. And Alabama and Mississippi. And Japan. Changing media attention shouldn’t allow us to forgot those who have recently going through tragedies and disasters as well.

• Over on TFR I mentioned Rick Kelley’s new blog, Root Downward, Fruit Upward. You’ll want to follow this one.

• With the two pieces of strawberry cake last night, it’s all fruit this morning, mango earlier, and now apple. Then salad for lunch. Time for a return to dietary sanity. Until after the group tonight.