Tiradentes, the "tooth-puller," who died for freedom
Tiradentes, the “tooth-puller,” who died for freedom

Long holiday period here. First was the Catholic Good Friday for which most people got off work. Today is Tiradentes Day, honoring the martyr of independence. (They joke that all Brazilian heroes die: Ayrton Senna, Tancredo Neves.)

In spite of that, our attendance yesterday at Taubaté and Urbanova congregations held up well. Two good moments. For Bible class in the former, I’m teaching a series on the New Testament church, and yesterday’s lesson, number 13 in the series, was the first of two parts on the church’s mission, from Matthew and Mark. Next week, from Luke and John. Continue reading

In spite of not being able to hook into the talkshoe system through skype, which caused a 20-minute delay, I was pleased with the first (and only?) Forthright Radio podcast this afternoon. The moment in the US after the shooting in Aurora CO seemed to call for some sort of live discussion. So Neal Pollard and Ron Thomas accepted the challenge. Continue reading

* Listen to a fine rendition of the hymn “In the Morning of Joy” and the newer “Dare to Stand Like Joshua.”

* Bad news on the laptop: lots wrong with it, technician thinks best to get another one. Taking it to US for definitive diagnosis at Apple. That means more time without it.

* More bad news, this time the car: needs new clutch and possibly wheel bearings. Think hundreds. Continue reading

TravelSome notes on our last days in the U.S., and return home in Brazil.

• My U.S. driver’s license was expiring this year. (We have legal residence in Ark.) Was in and out of the revenue office to renew it in 20 minutes. Even passed my eye test without glasses. But the license is good for only four years. Also checked on my voter registration: I’m still good to vote. I will definitely be voting in November, 2012.

• My uncle and aunt phoned and cancelled their camping trip. The contact on the phone said there was no activity at the campground: Everybody was staying in their campers under the air conditioning. Smart people. Parents and high school coaches ought to take a hint, doncha think?

• Seen on a TV ad: 1 out of two American men will get cancer, 1 out of 3 women. Nobody seems to find that strange. Just the way things are? It’s lifestyle, my friends, plain and simple, much of it because of diet (processed foods, fastfood). Other countries don’t have these statistics. Continue reading

Patience. We all have our points of impatience, probably. Behaviors or attitudes that get underneath our skin. Maybe it’s where we feel a tad superior in some area. We think that people who haven’t come up to our standard of knowledge or conduct in that point are fools. Maybe they are, even.

I find myself getting impatient over conversations and ill-advised statements about Bible versions. I confess. I repent. Nothing more to say here.

Forecast calls for rain throughout the week, and temps in the high 70s, low 8os. I like rain. Keeps the temps down, usually. Although there are those afternoon showers that just steam things up. Continue reading

With no one to do the daily Bible readings on TFR, this week and next I’ve taken that on. I finished up Rev. 21-22 and started 1 Thes. 1 today. I like the exercise. I’m doing more detailed commentaries than the other guys have done, but I don’t know if that can be maintained through the 31st.

And I’m filling in for Richard Mansel, FMag‘s managing editor, who scooted off to Alabama for Christmas with family.

After my fall yesterday (see yesterday’s Journey entry), my knee, along with assorted muscles and strained spots, is sore, but could have been much worse. I’m very thankful. No, there was no snow, sleet, rain, or other weather factors involved. Just an uneven sidewalk and a clumsy misstep. Continue reading

• The free list service I use is being updated today. I’ve sent a Cloudburst poem to the list, but it hasn’t come back for confirmation. So I guess that’s a sign that the update is still going on.

• Vicki is packing for our trip tomorrow. I’ll wait until then, I think. Just a seven-day trip.

• With spring time come the bugs, and we’re getting overrun by them. Our little window screens aren’t keeping them out.

• Aquarium has been repopulated with fish, though many of them are very small fry.

• In recent days we’ve received Gospel Advocate magazine, Voice of Truth International magazine, and Bulletin Digest magazine. Continue reading

• Saturday, as anybody who knows me has already heard, we rolled out a new website, Christian Hub. It’s pretty much an automated site, bringing together links from all over, not only FPress’s sites, but many others by saints and servants. I’m pleased with the initial response.
• Having spent a few hours putting this site together and searching out good brotherhood spots, I was struck by how many church and ministry websites aren’t up to snuff technically. To be more specific, by providing RSS feeds, through which titles and links can be picked up and shared. So yesterday’s FMag editorial, “Don’t Get Stuck,” takes off from that sad fact.
• Will talk more today to the owners of a new restaurant on the plaza, where I’ve been lunching lately, about doing a website for them. From what I can tell, it’s a family project mom and pop and son. I like that.
• Bible reading this week is 1 John, Monday through Friday, one chapter each weekday. Why not pick up and start reading with us, using the plan for slow readers?
• Did I mention the July issue of Bulletin Digest arrived in the mail? Seems I did. I pray for the success of the magazine.
• Last night after Vicki picked me up, we went by the vet’s and got the dogs where they’d been left earlier. As I waited on Vicki in the car, I popped open the laptop and caught a signal from the technical school across the street. I typed in the vet’s URI on the sign but nothing came up. I locked up the car, went inside and asked the owner if she didn’t have a functioning website. She called up a holding page that was all she had. She’d paid half the setup fee one year ago to someone and still has no website. I told her I’d do it for the other half. We’ll see what happens.

The title? To avoid writing, “odds and ends.” Yeah, corny, I know.

* John Henson started today as our newest Fellow on the Fellowship Room, with two great posts already. Glad to have him from the snowy north.

* Wife and daughter were out most of the day buying last-minute items for the latter’s two-week absence from home, and long stretch at camp. Continue reading